Have you ever been worried about your elderly relatives living alone, your children at home or your naughty pets? Are you always looking for new ways to have fun with your family?

Argo can easily meet your needs. A smart companion robot equipped with sophisticated sensors and AI algorithms to keep your home safe and entertain your family. Vocal assistant, video-surveillance and autonomous navigation.
This is just a taste of what this robot can do. Argo is the ideal companion whether you are at home or not.

Autonomous Navigation

Exploiting Lidar technology, Argo is capable of mapping your house. Once the map is ready, it will be able to move autonomously around your home, avoiding any obstacle it may encounter along its way.

Argo is provided with state-of-the-art AI technology, being able to see and perceive the whole surrounding environment. Argo can detect persons, pets and everyday objects that may appear in front of its eyes. You should try the function: “Hey Argo, follow me”.
Automatic Recharge

Don’t worry about having another device to plug-in and recharge. Thanks to autonomous navigation, Argo is able to find its way to the charging station once the battery is running out low.
Vocal Assistant

Argo is provided with state-of-the-art AI technology, being able to see and perceive the whole surrounding environment. Argo can detect persons, pets and everyday objects that may appear in front of its eyes. You should try the function: “Hey Argo, follow me”.
Remote Control

No matter where you are, thanks to Argo’s app you can always monitor what is going on in your house. Just move Argo around your home and check with your eyes that everything is under control.
Autonomous Home Patroling

Argo is also able to monitor your house fully autonomously. It will keep checking every corner in every room looking for suspicious activities. In case Argo finds something strange, it will push a notification to your phone reporting you about the problem detected.
Anomaly Sound Detection

Have you heard the sound of a glass breaking in your house? Or was it a baby crying? Don’t worry, Argo is able to recognize these sounds and report you what it is really going on.
Temperature and Gas Monitoring

“Did I close or not the stove?” Dangerous gas leakages will no longer be a problem. Argo will detect them and advise you in time before anything bad may happen to your family.
bring joy in your daily life
A Premium Speaker for your music

Do you like good music and dancing? Do you like listening to your favorite songs while cooking, studying or working? Argo can play your best songs with its premium speaker. You will have music in every room of your home.
Just call Argo and ask him to turn the music on.
ED-TECH games for your kids

Argo can be the ideal playmate for your kids. Just let them dance with it or drive it around your home. But Argo is even more: it is full of educational games involving Math, English and Robotics as well. 
With Argo, your kids can have fun and learn at the same time.
Take memories with your family

You want to keep more memories with your family? Maybe you like also to have funny selfies with your pets? Argo will take you photo anytime you ask for it. You will have tons fo new photos to remember your best moments and to share them with your friends.
Autonomous Drink Delivery

Have you come back home after a stressful day at the office and you just sat on the sofa? Would you like a cold drink? Just ask Argo, it will bring it to you 100% autonomously.
Leave your drinks in the charging station, then Argo will take and bring them to you anytime you want.
Argo is plenty of features!
Discover them all here below

Everyone in the family can access Argo from their own smartphone App
Infrared camera to make Argo stay on alert also during night
“Hey Argo, follow me and read my the news”
Argo exploits sophisticated sensors to perceive the environment as a human-like
“Hey Argo, I am in danger. Call my son for help”
“Hey Argo, take my friends to a Tour of my house”
Use Argo as a walkie-talkie to communicate with your family
Are you at work? Argo will warn you about any suspicious movement happening in your home
“Hey Argo, come to wake me up tomorrow at 9:00 am”

Argo is getting ready for launch.
Stay tuned for exciting updates!
“How can be possible in 2022 we still do not have a personal robot in our homes?”

This is the question of which made us start thinking about Argo!

...and who better than 3 guys who built driver less cars, drones, rockets and Mars Rovers
to build the future smart companion robot for your home?

Robotics Engineer

During University he has joined Dynamis PRC and Skyward. The former designs and builds autonomous driving racing cars, the latter builds and launches rockets. He has 2 years experience in the field of space robotics where he contributed to the NASA Mars Sample Return Campain.

Control Engineer

In his spare time, he has designed and built the control for an inverted pendulum and the flight code for a drone. He has 2 years experience in the automotive field, where he developed control algorithms for cutting edge brakes systems.

Computer Science Engineer

He has spent 4 years designing and building autonomous driving race cars in Dynamis PRC. He leads the Driverless Team, where he develops computer vision and deep learning algorithms to push the car as fast as possible.

What if the future of domestic robotics is an open platform where
thousands of developers can make Argo smarter and smarter everyday?

Like Android or IOS for smartphones...

What if we can give you access to Argo sensors (camera, microphones, lights, ..)
and basic Argo functionalities (voice, autonomous navigation, ..) to unleash your creativity?
Let’s say you are a video-security Company aiming at entering the consumer market.
Or let’s say you are a Startup developing an ed-tech toy but manufacturing is simply too much to handle.

Why not joining the forces together?

Argo would enable you to forget about procurement, manufacturing and marketing to focus only on delivering a great software product, instantly available in everyone’s home.

Do you want to be one of the first Companies to be present on our platform?
We are looking forward to hearing to your idea, don’t hesitate in reaching us out!